These agencies will be able to gather and evaluate data on cyberattacks on Portuguese institutions, businesses, and individuals thanks to the new centers. By virtue of Law 8/2013, a national cybersecurity organization known as the SIED was established with the purpose of defending vital infrastructures like banking systems, energy infrastructure, and telecommunications networks.

Measures Taken by Portugal: Set Intelligence Services

Portugal is establishing a collection of cybersecurity enterprises in addition to the centers established by intelligence agencies to deliver real-time information on cyber threats. In accordance with the government’s strategy, they will be able to assess attacks in real-time and offer suggestions to businesses on how to better ward them off.

These agencies will be able to gather and evaluate data on cyberattacks on Portuguese institutions, businesses, and individuals thanks to the new centers. The information gathered will then be distributed to all pertinent parties so that everyone is aware of what transpired the next time an attack occurs (or does not).

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Russia and China are Meddling in the Internal Affairs of Western Countries

The initiative is being carried out at a time when Russia and China are attempting to meddle more and more in the internal affairs of Western nations, according to persons with knowledge of the situation.

Le Monde reports that Portugal’s government is waging a larger campaign to defend against cyberattacks from foreign nations like Russia and China. The nation was one of several that were targeted for hacking during the 2018 French and German elections, and it is now one of only three nations engaged in an international legal dispute over whether or not sanctions should be imposed on North Korea for its alleged role in election meddling (the others being Canada and Ukraine).

EU Accused Chinese Hackers of Stealing Sensitive Health Data

The European Union recently accused Chinese hackers of obtaining private health information from European organizations fighting COVID-19. As the Australian government has done in past by imposing allegations against Chinese.

China is charged with breaking into the health network of the EU, obtaining private health information, and selling it to other nations. The stolen data might be used to create deadly viruses or conduct life-threatening medical research.

Portugal’s Initiative

Portugal’s program is being put into action as a result of its government’s admission that it was subject to a cyberattack last year during which thousands of machines were rendered useless.

Although the government withheld the hackers’ identities , it said they were foreigners who exploited data taken from Portugal’s National Institute for Research in Computer Science (CIP). Additionally, it acknowledged that hackers with similar goals to those behind the CIP assault had targeted some banks.

The Portuguese Authorities Launch an Offensive Against Cyberattacks

The Portuguese government has made the decision to go on the offensive against cyberattacks in order to defend against hackers from countries like Russia and China.

To combat hackers who are constantly attempting to steal information from the nation’s institutions, financial services, and government networks, the government will establish a network of IT knowledge centers.

The Portugal authorities should also consider using VPN’s as VPN’s will keep data safe and secure from hackers such as Chinese and Russians. If they prefer to use VPN global server network to transfer data from one source to another, VPN not only will prevent hackers to breach data but also restrict the viruses and trojan-horses that cause breach data.

The IT department should ask their sub-authorities to follow their guideline if they really want to prevent data breaches and Cyberattacks from their sensitive institutions.


Finally, Portugal’s government is taking precautions to defend itself from cyberattacks by nations like Russia and China.


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