AWS is one of the most popular cloud computing platforms and has the most number or availability regions. Most industries use AWS; according to Canalys, it has 33.8 percent of the market share. So an AWS training can be beneficial for your IT career. However, in this article, you will see if it benefits freshers.

The certificate is proof of your knowledge in the industry. But, first, read on to know more about AWS certification.

AWS Certification

These certification exams measure and certify your cloud computing skills. It has various rigorous certification levels from beginner to expert, offering a wide range of topics. Therefore, qualifying for the exam will prove that you understand the tested subjects deeply.

This certification will differentiate you from your peers, increasing the chance of a higher salary and promotion. It’s because they make you valuable to your employer. And you gain trust for striving to gain skills. So freshers can get AWS certification and show their commitment to cloud computing.

However, you must understand that these certifications won’t guarantee a job. They will merely improve your skills and trust among employers. But gaining skills, improving knowledge, and demonstrating commitment through this certification will increase the chance of your employment.

Why AWS Certification?

There are three primary reasons for freshers to select AWS certification:

  • They are the gold standard of cloud computation. AWS is the oldest and the most used cloud computing platform.
  • The certification is quite rigorous, but you can pursue it while working. Additionally, many AWS training facilities can make your preparation more straightforward.
  • AWS skills are in demand. So getting a certification will make you more noticeable among employers. However, your skills and experience determine whether you will get the job.

Which AWS Certification is the Best for Freshers?

amazon web services certifications

If you have decided to pursue AWS certification, the next step is to determine which AWS certification is the best. For beginners, there are two most recommended certifications:

  • AWS certified cloud practitioner: this certification is the most basic one that gives you an overview of cloud computing and AWS.
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect: the most demanding AWS certification will test your skills for
    • design and deployment of AWS applications
    • selection of appropriate AWS services
    • Migration of complex and multi-tier AWS application
    • Implementation of cost-control strategies
    • Designing and deploying scalable operations on the AWS platform

AWS Certification Cost

The AWS certification cost depends on the level of the exam. For the cloud practitioner exam, you have to pay $100 USD. The cost of the Associate exam is $150 USD, and the professional and specialty certifications cost $300 USD. Therefore, these certificates are costly; however, if you prepare well, you can qualify for the exam on the first attempt.

How Can Freshers Prepare For AWS Certification?

To prepare for the exam, you can either join an AWS course. Or you can self-study using the following resources.

  • White Papers: These are the resources provided by Amazon explaining the details about AWS systems.
  • AWS Books: There are official study guides available as books.
  • Sample Papers: You can find a few sample question papers on the AWS website for free. Additionally, you can get more sample papers for a fee.
  • Lecture videos: There are many lecture videos on the AWS website structured according to many learning plans. These are by experts and will provide a thorough understanding of AWS services.

If you become overwhelmed by the materials or want to learn more efficiently, professional training programs would be a better way. These courses will have structured content according to the latest exam syllabus. However, ensure that the training provider is an AWS partner. You can do this from the AWS website by checking for learning partners.

AWS Salary

Another reason freshers should consider AWS certification is the salary prospects. According to Glassdoor, the average base pay of AWS professionals is INR 6 LPA; the minimum is INR 3.8 LPA.

The salary scale depends on location, experience, employers, and skillset. From Glassdoor, the highest salary for an AWS professional is in Mumbai. According to LinkedIn, top companies can pay you as much as INR 50 LPA for a senior solution architect involving a lot of management. The companies that pay top salaries are Accenture, Tata Consultancy Service, HCL, Wipro, and TechMahendra.


AWS certification for freshers is beneficial because of the increasing AWS use among industries. It is ahead of its competitors, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure. Getting certified freshers increases the probability that an employer will notice you. These certificates prove that you are capable of working with AWS systems. The recommended certification for freshers is the AWS cloud practitioner and the AWS Solutions architect associate. The cloud practitioner certificate tests your basics of cloud computing, but the Solutions architect is the most demanding certification. These exams are challenging; however, you can use the official study materials to prepare diligently. Or you can join a course that rigorously trains for the certification.


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