This short video tutorial of how to use Robocopy, the best free copy program for Windows, will explain:

  • What is the fastest tool to copy files through a network?
  • What is the easiest tool to copy files and folders?
  • What is best free tool to copy files?
  • Best delta copy program, Robocopy?
  • How to copy only file changes?
  • What is the fastest file copy tool for Windows?
  • What is the best file copy tool for Windows?
  • How to copy file permissions?
  • How to copy file to a UNC path?
  • How to copy open files?
  • What is the easiest command line utility to copy files and folders?

Robocopy is quick and easy to learn:

Intro 0:00
History of Robocopy 0:44
Fastest free copy program Robocopy from one folder to another 1:20
Robocopy switches options explained 1:40
Copy only file changes – Mirror 2:30
Copy the file and folder security permissions 3:13
Robocopy demonstration 3:30
Robocopy to a UNC Path 4:48
Robocopy Permissions 5:40
Robocopy demonstration with UNC path, changes and security 6:33
Robopy help 7:20
Outro 8:00


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