Some people want to upgrade their computers to Windows 11 and that is pretty easy to do. But what if you want to wipe out everything on your hard drive and install a fresh copy of Windows 11? That is still easy, but the process is not nearly as obvious.

In this video we show you how to:

  1. download Windows 11 for free directly from Microsoft
  2. make a bootable USB stick with Windows 11 on it
  3. boot from that Windows 11 USB stick
  4. delete all of the existing partitions on your current drive
  5. install Windows 11
  6. patch Windows 11

Intro 0:00
Get the Windows 11 Media Creation tool 0:24
Put Windows 11 USB stick into computer 1:36
Change the boot order 1:52
How to remove existing partitions 3:02
Answer Windows 11 setup questions 3:40
How to Patch Update Windows 11 5:00
Update your computer firmware BIOS 6:10
How To Activate Windows 11 7:50
More Windows Update 9:00
How to move the Windows 11 Start Menu bar to the left corner 9:27
How to launch Task Manager in Windows 11 9:43
Outro 10:20


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