Do you want to save money by moving your landline to a VoIP service? I did so I recorded the entire process for you.

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We selected VOiP.MS as our VOiP provider because they are large and have a good reputation. We then used Zoiper as a softphone to connect to Then we went on to setup voicemail.

Introduction 0:00
VoIP Costs Explained 0:48
How To Create a Account 2:59
Porting Landland Phone Number to 4:30
Best Free Softphone for 7:27
How To Setup ZoiPer Softphone 7:57
Setup Free ZoiPer with 9:10
How To Setup Free Voicemail on 11:55
ZoiPer and review 15:25
Outro 15:30

Our goal was to stop paying for our home phone landlines but keep the numbers as we don’t use them frequently.

We also explain the cost of moving from a home phone landline to Voice-over-IP (VoIP) and all the steps you need to understand to save money and keep the transition easy.


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