PDF is the most popular document format in the world. It’s used for everything from contracts to academic papers to resumes. Because of its widespread use, it’s important that you know how to annotate a PDF correctly.

In this detailed guide, we will show you step-by-step how to annotate a PDF with Wondershare PDFelement. We will also provide tips and tricks so that you can make the process as easy and efficient as possible. So whether you need to add annotations for your own reference or help someone else out, this guide is perfect for you.

PDF is the most widely used file format in the world, and for a good reason. It’s simple, reliable, and easy to use. But what if you need to annotate a PDF? That’s where PDFelement comes in handy. This detailed guide will show you how to annotate a PDF with PDFelement, from start to finish. You’ll learn how to add notes, highlights, and more so that you can make the most of your PDF’s.

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PDF annotation is an essential part of any PDF Filler workflow. It allows you to attach notes, comments, and forms to your documents for further reference. In this guide, we will show you the basics of annotating PDF with Wondershare PDFelement. We will walk you through the different features available in this software and how to use them to your advantage. We hope you find this guide helpful!

Guide on Annotate PDFs :

PDFs are one of the most popular file formats on the internet. They’re versatile and easy to use, making them perfect for a variety of purposes. But if you want to make the most of PDFs, you need to annotate them. Annotating PDFs can help you add notes and highlights to your documents, making them easier to understand. And since PDFelement is a free and easy-to-use annotation tool, you can use it to annotate any PDF document.

In this guide, we will walk you through the basics of using PDFelement to Annotate PDFs. We’ll show you how to add text, highlight specific sections, and more. So whether you’re a student trying to study for a test or a businessperson looking for a way to improve your documents, this guide is for you.

PDFelement Four Comment Types.

1 – Add Note:

For notes that are attached to specific annotations in other documents, add a note in PDFelement, first select the annotation you want to add a note to and then click the pencil icon that appears to the right of the annotation’s text. This will open a note editor. In the note editor, type your Note and then press Return or Enter.
Edit Note: You can edit notes that are attached to annotations in other documents by clicking on the annotation and then clicking on the Edit button next to the Note’s text. The note editor will open, and you can modify the Note as you wish.

Delete Note: If you want to delete a note that is attached to an annotation in another document, first click on the annotation and then click on the Delete button next to the Note’s text.

2 – Text Box:

Use this to enter text or notes that you want to appear in the PDF. Image: You can attach images to your notes by clicking on the Image button and then selecting the file you want to attach. Hyperlink: You can hyperlink notes to other documents or web pages by clicking on the Hyperlink button and then entering the URL or IP address of the destination document or web page.

3 – Pencil Tool:

Click and hold to draw lines, arrows, and other shapes on the PDF. Comment: This button displays a list of all the comment types that are available in PDFelement. Click on a type of comment to add it to your Note.

4 – Callout:

Drag this button onto a document to create a pop-up callout box, which will contain additional information about the content of the selected area.

Measuring Tools

PDFelement is a comprehensive and easy-to-use annotation tool for creating notes, highlights, and annotations in PDF files. It supports a wide range of features, including text selection, text formatting, drawing tools, interactive content navigation, and more.

To get started with PDFelement, open the application and select an existing PDF file or create a new one by clicking the “Create New” button. Once the file is open in PDFelement, you’ll see the main window displayed below. To start annotating the document, simply click on any area that you want to annotate and start typing your thoughts. You can also use the built-in drawing tools to highlight key points or make quick annotations.

Shape and Eraser

PDFelement is a free and open-source tool that lets you annotate PDFs with text, shapes, and annotations. You can use PDFelement to add notes, highlight text, make annotations on figures, and more.
To start using PDFelement, open the PDF you want to annotate in your favorite editor. Then, click the “Annotate” button in the toolbar (or press Ctrl+A).
In the “Annotation Options” window that appears, select the type of annotation you want to create. You can add text, shapes, or annotations to figures.


To get started, open a document in PDFelement. Click the pencil icon in the toolbar and select an annotation type from the menu. You can also create new annotations by clicking the “+” button in the toolbar and selecting New Annotation from the menu.

You can add text, images, hyperlinks, and shapes to your annotations. To insert a hyperlink, click the hyperlink icon next to the text field and select Add Hyperlink from the menu. To insert a shape, click the “plus” sign next to the text field and select Add Shape from the menu.

To highlight text or sections of a document, click the yellow highlighter icon next to the text field. To add a bookmark, click the blue bookmark icon next to the bookmark field and select Add Bookmark from the menu.

pdfelement stamps

Other Functions:

PDFelement is an online PDF editor that offers a variety of different features that can be used to make creating and editing PDFs easier. Some of the features include:

  1. The ability to insert text, images, and hyperlinks into PDFs
  2. The ability to create customized templates for creating PDFs
  3. The ability to merge and split PDFs
  4. The ability to password-protect PDFs
  5. The ability to export PDFs as text, images, or PDF/A files
  6. The ability to create and customize bookmarks for PDFs
  7. The ability to share PDFs with other users
  8. The ability to convert PDFs to other formats

PDFelement’s key functionality is to allow users to crop, resize and reorganize PDF files. It also has a built-in annotation tool that enables users to add notes and annotations to PDF documents. Additionally, PDFelement can be used to password-protect PDF files.

PDFelement is a lightweight, cross-platform PDF library that provides various functions such as rendering, decoding, and encoding. This library can be used to produce PDF files from any text or HTML source. Additionally, it can be used to create PDFs from XML or JSON data.
This library also includes a built-in annotation tool that enables users to add notes and annotations to PDF documents. Additionally, it can be used to password-protect PDF files.

Price and Verdict

If you’re looking to annotate PDFs with text, symbols, and comments, then Wondershare PDFelement is the software for you. This comprehensive guide will teach you how to annotate PDFs effectively and efficiently using this powerful application.

Wondersare has four Individuals, Team & Business, Education, and Bundles plans. The Individuals plan, has the further Quarterly Plan, Yearly Plan, and Perpetual Plans. The prices are given below.

  • Quarterly Plan $29.99
  • Yearly Plan $79.99
  • Perpetual Plan $129.99

Team & Business $ 139


  1. Yearly Plan – 1 User $47.99
  2. Perpetual License – 1 User $99.99


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