One of the most common questions that beginners ask the online gambling provider is the need to verify their identity during registration on the site. They may feel that this procedure somehow infringes on their freedom, preventing them from remaining anonymous. But many experienced gamers know that the identification of users is needed primarily for their protection.

Why Identity Checks Are Important in iGaming

The vast majority of visitors to gambling platforms play for fun from time to time. Their hobby does not pose any threat to them, casino operators, or other visitors. But there are groups of gamers who can create problems for themselves, casinos, or others. The first are gambling addicts who need help overcoming their addiction. The second are scammers who can harm other users of the platforms and the iGaming industry as a whole. Identity verification allows keeping them far from the gambling platform and handling many other challenges at once using the KYC procedure.

Makes Identity Theft Impossible

Identity verification on gambling sites is multi-faceted to prevent identity theft. Having learned the bank card number, birth date, residential address, and other information about another person, the fraudster will still not be able to register because, to pass this procedure, one will have to go through several stages of verification. The operator of an online casino or betting platform may demand sending screenshots of documents, receipts for payment for services, etc.

Helps Prevent Geolocation Manipulations

How ID Verification Protects Online Gamers

Not only scammers and criminal groups can deceive casino operators regarding their location but also ordinary players:

  • Criminals are trying to implement sophisticated money laundering schemes or siphoning the operator’s and other players’ funds.
  • Although there are many categories of customers who use VPNs, they are particularly common in the sphere of online gaming. May attempt to access online casino services from a region where gambling is prohibited or not provided by a particular gaming website. Identity checks prevent these shenanigans by finding the best solution in conditions of the borderless Internet.

Vulnerable Social Groups Protection

ID verification serves as a filter that prevents vulnerable groups of players from accessing gaming tables or slot machines:

  • Youth under the age of 18. Children are most susceptible to addiction to different types of games due to the weakness of internal control mechanisms. Therefore, it is prohibited by law to allow them to enter the gambling industry.
  • Individuals who are addicted to gambling. Through self-exclusion programs, they get a chance to return to a psychologically healthy life. But to benefit from these recovery schemes, there must be a roadblock that will keep them out of the game.

Enforces Responsible Gambling Practices

Visitors to land-based online casinos behave under generally accepted norms. They understand that any deviations will lead, at best, to a remark from the manager and, at worst, to the call of the police. The anonymity provided by the Internet sometimes leads to abuse due to the lack of social control. It is really easy to find no verification operators on Non Stop Casino and other similar resources, and many customers prefer to use them instead of regular casinos with identity checks. But, when a visitor of an online casino goes through the ID verification procedure, they understand that all actions that go beyond the scope of responsible gambling will be visible to the operator and stopped. The fear of social disapproval is the best mechanism of responsible actions.

Keeps Payment Details Safe

Licensed online casinos and bookmakers are committed to protecting the personal data of their customers. By accepting and agreeing to the terms of such platforms, the player enters into contractual obligations with an operator. Any problems with financial accounts that have arisen as a result of data leakage from an online casino can be brought to court. If you do not pass identification during registration, the casino will not bear any responsibility to the player since it will be difficult to prove that the person who makes the claim is the player who opened the gaming account.


Knowing about all the benefits of identity verification when registering on gambling sites, visitors will not try to avoid it. This procedure does not make the players weaker and more vulnerable but allows them to protect their interests. Therefore, if you see any online casino site or betting platform promising no ID verification, stay away from them. It is a sure sign that this is a scam platform. The legislation of the UK and many other countries require online gaming platforms (including iGaming sites) to keep KYC procedures up to date to be able to verify their users. And if the operator does not consider it necessary to comply with the state’s laws, it will just as freely deceive its users. Play safely on licensed platforms that do their best to follow effective KYC practices for protecting their gamers.


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