Generative AI (aka Generative Tech) is the term used to describe computer technology that produces human like content from basic inputs like plain text.

Free Generative AI Text Generator:

For example, we asked to produce a “Simple explanation of Generative Tech” and this it what it gave us:

In simple terms, generative technology is a type of artificial intelligence that is able to create new content, or generate new data, based on certain inputs or information. This can include things like generating text, images, music, or other types of media. The goal of generative technology is to be able to replicate or mimic the creative abilities of humans, and to be able to produce new content that is original and creative. There are a number of different techniques that can be used to create generative systems, including machine learning, deep learning, and probabilistic modeling.

Note that we watched the content get written; it did not just appear as finished work.

If you want to have your brain explode go to and ask it “write a 600 word essay on chuck peddle and commodore computers

Free Generative AI Computer Code Generator:

ChatGPT is not just a simple to use computer algorithm that can produce short answers, but instead a full Artificially Intelligent system that can produce whole documents, essays or even computer code.

We asked ChatGPT to “write code to display spaceship moving up the screen in Commodore BASIC computer language” and this is what it gave us:

Certainly! Here is some sample code in Commodore BASIC that will display a spaceship moving upwards on the screen:

10 PRINT CHR$(147)
20 FOR Y = 1 TO 10
30 GOTOXY 0, Y
40 PRINT " "
50 PRINT " / \\"
60 PRINT "/ \\"
70 PRINT "| ^ ^ |"
80 PRINT " \\ ____/"

This code will print the spaceship character (CHR$(147)) at the top of the screen, and then use a loop to move the spaceship up the screen by updating the Y coordinate in the GOTOXY command. The loop will run 10 times, so the spaceship will move up the screen by 10 spaces.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions.

… and yes, it really did finish with “I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions.”

Free Generative AI Picture Generator:

Generative Tech is more than text. We asked to produce “Commodore C64 computer in an office” using a CyberPunk style and this is what it produced in less than 5 seconds:

Commodore 64 computer in the 22nd century in cyberpunk style

If you know anything about Commodore computers, you will know that is similar to a C64 and it even has a take on a 1541 floppy drive to the right of the monitor. Pretty cool

Free Generative AI Tech Video Generator:

Generative AI Tech from produced this video in less than 10 minutes.

Remember that all of these examples are “creative” works. The AI is not just copying and pasting segments of text or applying filters to graphics. What you have seen has never been produced before and we did all of these completely for free.

WARNING! What Are The Downsides of Generative AI Tech?

There are definitely few issues with Generative AI technology including the fact that it can make up facts. That’s right, the AI can convincingly lie, so if you are going to use this tech to help you write High School, College, or University papers, you had best check the “facts” is is espousing.

And while we are talking about having a computer write your papers for you, you should know that educators have tools to:

  1. Determine the likelihood that a paper was written by a computer
  2. Determine the likelihood that the paper was was written by someone other than you

How can teachers and professors do that? It’s not hard. The teacher can upload several of your previously written papers and simple algorithms A.I. can compare:

  1. the percentage of 3 syllable words
  2. your known punctuation
  3. the number of letters or words or sentences in your paragraphs
  4. the overall length of the paper
  5. the number “scientific” or “legal” or “business” jargon words used
  6. the number and type of words that are capitalized

to the punctuation on the paper, you claim is yours.

So if you are going to use Generative AI Technology to do your work, you had better re-write it.

If you don’t rewrite it, you will get caught cheating and likely be severely punished. Most Colleges and Universities have policies stating that using Generative AI Tech is akin to plagiarism and subject to immediate expulsion.


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