While working on a client’s Windows 11 computer yesterday we had a rare a crash which gave us the BSOD (now the GSOD – Green Screen of Death) with STOP CODE FAT_FILE_SYSTEM

Windows Green Screen Crash STOP CODE FAT_FILE_SYSTEM

If you see Stop Code: FAT_FILE_SYSTEM unplug everything from your computer accept your keyboard mouse and power. Remove any cameras, printers, memory sticks, cell phones or anything else that you might have plugged in.

The problem our client had turned out to be caused by a memory stick that was plugged into a USB port. That makes a lot of sense because that was the only thing connected to the PC that had a FAT file system on it. If you’re interested to learn more about different file systems read our short article explaining the differences between FAT, FAT32, exFAT, and NTFS.


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