A couple of years ago, no one could have possibly imagined that the internet could have such an impact on the automobile industry. Not only has the internet brought ease to us inside our homes but it has also made things a lot easier for us outside our houses as well. If you wish to read more about how the internet affects our cars, you can head on to the internet.

For that, you would need a superfast internet connection to help you research more efficiently, so be sure to look into popular internet companies such as Windstream. Once you do that, you can search how the internet has affected the automotive industry. Meanwhile, here are some ways the internet has had an impact on the way our cars work:

What is the General Idea Behind the Connection Between the Internet and Cars?

internet and cars

As of yet, you might be aware of what the Internet of Things is and how it works. If you don’t, then you should know that the Internet of Things allows devices and “objects” to connect with each other without needing much human interaction with the devices. This is the same principle that applies to the automobile industry as well.

Specifically, this idea may be called the Internet of Things of the automobile industry, or the automotive Internet of Things. The idea behind the Internet of Things and automobiles is that it helps with the traveling experience overall and improves the efficiency of moving out and about. The incorporation of the internet also helps you manage your vehicle and figure out if there is something potentially wrong with the car. Once the internet is paired up with a vehicle, it potentially creates a way for your car to have complete autonomy.

How is the Internet of Things added to Vehicles for them to have the Internet of Things?

The next question one might have is how exactly is the internet added to a vehicle. A car is just supposed to have an engine or a strong battery (in terms of electric vehicles) to function, right? Given that we live in the 21st century, that is not necessary to be the case. The idea of the Internet of Things adds specific gadgets and sensors to the car to give the car access to the internet. You can also run applications on your car that would allow as less interaction with the car as possible, making your car do things automatically on its own such as diagnose potential problems and so on.

This could also be seen as a step forward towards achieving artificial intelligence in cars, which could also be seen in self-driving cars that allow sensors to judge the road and drive entirely on their own, such as the Tesla.

Gone are the Times when you had to visit Showrooms to get a Car

If you recall the usual process of getting a car, you had to make your way to a showroom so that you could get a car for yourself. However, that is not the case now that we have the internet to make things a lot easier for us. There are certain companies such as Carwow, Cazoo, and Cargurus in the United Kingdom that allow you to view cars online which includes both new and used cars.

These online showrooms are referred to as “virtual showrooms” and to everyone’s surprise, people actually do trust them enough to purchase cars from them without taking a look at the car physically or even driving it to test it out.

The Advanced Technology You Would See in a Smart Car

How cool is it that it’s not just your smartphones that can run Android and iOS but your cars as well? Both operating software has created apps called Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto that allows you to use your phone in your car’s display rather than having to take out your phone to use it. Taking out your phone and using it can be very dangerous while driving since it is highly distracting.

This would allow you to make calls to someone while you are driving or even change a song if you don’t like the one that is playing. Even if using the car’s interface may be seen as something that is distracting too, these companies are working to introduce hand gestures so that you would be able to control whatever you would want to do through the gestures that you make in front of the screen, which would reduce the hazard it might pose. This can be seen in the 7 Series BMW which added hand gestures to the car by using sensors.

Wrapping Up

Incorporating the internet into the automobile industry has made life a lot easier and efficient by cutting down on manual vehicle maintenance and human interaction. We are now waiting for the days when vehicles become entirely autonomous when we would just have to sit back and enjoy the ride, literally!

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If you wish to read more about how the internet affects our cars, you can head on to the internet.

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