You probably know that Microsoft filters your Microsoft Office 365 email for junk. There are several categories of junk including spam and phishing emails, which Microsoft tries to protect you from by flagging them and putting them in a quarantine.

Microsoft has moved the location of the Quarantine from where it was for many years, in the “Office 365 Security & Compliance Center” to the new “Microsoft 365 Defender” portal. It is still very easy for you to check. If you want to check your Microsoft 365 email quarantine just click here:

If you want to release an email from your quarantine just click the check box on the left and then click the release button at the top.

how to release email from microsoft365 quarantine

Previously administrators had one website to go to and users had another but now the Microsoft 365 defender portal shows you whatever you have permission for. That means administrators can see their own email and their staffs email.

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