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How to Recover a PDF Document?

Three Ways to Recover a Damaged Acrobat Reader File No files on your computer are insured against damage, and this also applies to PDF files. Active Acrobat Reader users can regularly encounter the slightest crash during copying or saving a document. When you click on it, a message like this […]

SOLVED: Adobe Error 1328: Error applying patch to file

UPDATED: April 16 2020 – IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have problems downloading the files from Adobe watch our video explaining why some downloads in Chrome or Edge no longer work and how to get around the problem, HEREhttps://www.urtech.ca/2021/04/solved-download-links-dont-work-in-chrome-or-edge/.   Adobe Acrobat updates may fail with: Error 1328: Error applying patch […]

Windows Vista Advanced Tips, Tricks & Facts

by Ian Matthews Written April 10, 2007 Last Update Feb 22, 2008  The purpose of this article is to provide a 15 minute guide to Windows Vista’s advanced features and functions.  There is a lot to learn so we also have three other articles you may want to read: Vista […]

Invisible File Extensions in Windows

Invisible file extensions on Windows By Floydman, Bachelor in Computer Sciences floydian_99@yahoo.com Floydman@hacker.am May 7th, 2001 Abstract The goal of this paper is to present the research I made on invisible file extensions on the Windows operating systems. After I published my initial research material on various places on the […]