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Other Technologies  // Other Technologies like firewalls, VoIP, Skype, Hardware Comparisons and other how tos

SOLVED: How To Disassemble A Seagate 2.5″ Backup Plus USB Disk

If you want to remove and / or replace the disk from a Seagate Backup Plus External USB chassis, you are in the right place. Remove the Seagate USB disk from the box and any loose plastic packaging Use a flat edge screwdriver along one of the two long edges to pry the aluminum top […]


SOLVED: Where To Get Free Online Audio To Text Transcription?

We recently needed to get a 10 minute interview transcribed and I blew an hour testing sites, reading blog but generally going no-where.  There were a great number of people that chimed in with such useful comments as: Just pay a human to do it Machine transcription a farse that only exists in TV and […]


02 Feb Posted by in Other Technologies | Comments

SOLVED: EDIT LINKS Missing From YouTube Channel Art

If you want to add or change the URL links that appear in your header channel art in YouTube, but cannot find the link (pun intended), you are likely using Google Chrome or MS Edge. There are several annoyances using Chrome on YouTube, which is definitely unexpected because Google owns both.  In this case you […]


SOLVED: What is Dell Lifecycle Controller & How To Get Around Problems?

The Dell Lifecycle Controller is simply the management tool Dell built to update firmware. When booting a Dell Server you will be able to access the Lifecycle Controller but it may ask you for an IP address.  My concern was that it was asking to set a static address on a NIC that I already […]


27 Jan Posted by in Other Technologies | Comments

SOLVED: VIDEO: How To Migrate Your GoDaddy WordPress Site To A Different SQL Server

If you are having unexplained performance problems with your WordPress Site and you have already tried: disabling ALL your plug-ins – 99% of the time Add-In’s) are the problem with WordPress sites installing a AntiVirus and running a scan on the site – we strongly recommend the free version of WordFence changing to one of […]


17 Jan Posted by in Other Technologies | Comments

SOLVED: 4 Quick Changes To Speed Up Your WordPress Site & Improve Your Google Page Rank

If you want your webpages to rank highly in searches, you need to ensure that your site is delivering pages quickly.  Google, Bing and other search engines really care about the speed of a site and will reduce page rank due to poor site performance.  Fortunately the world seems to have standardized on the WordPress […]


SOLVED: VIDEO: How To Replace a Spinning Disk with an SSD on a Mac

If you have a Apple Mac and it is running slowly there are many things you can do, but you will find few things that improve performance like replacing the spinning disk with a solid state disk. There are ways to clone the existing disk but in this video I wanted to show you how […]


18 Dec Posted by in Other Technologies | Comments

SOLVED: What is the Difference Between Active and Passive DisplayPort Adaptors

The difference between an Active and a Passive DisplayPort adaptor is a circuit that makes the conversion happen.  Active DisplayPort adaptors have a chip that makes the conversion happen while passive DisplayPort adaptors do not. In most cases you are best to just buy Active DisplayPort adapters but Dual Mode Display Port connectors show a […]


18 Dec Posted by in Other Technologies | Comments

SOLVED: What is the Difference Between Wacom Intuos Products

If you spend time on Wacom pen tablets you will see the Intuos line is quite broad.  We found it quite confusing. Below is a simple explanation of differences between the various Wacom Intuos products starting from the top of the line and moving down to the bottom of the line: Wacom Intuos Pro: The […]


10 Dec Posted by in Other Technologies | Comments

SOLVED: VIDEO: Setup & Configure Thrustmaster T80 Steering Wheel

If you have a Thrustmaster T80 Steering Wheel you need to know: How to set up a T80? What do the color of lights mean on a Thrustmaster T80 Steering Wheel? Why is the LED flashing red on your Wheel? How to use the T80 Steering Wheel be used on games that don’t specifically support […]


SOLVED: VIDEO: Determine Source of Traffic For a Specific Page Using Google Analytics

If you use Google Analytics to keep metrics on your website you likely already know that there is no prebuilt report showing you the source of traffic for any one page on your web site.  I find this very unusual because knowing where your visitors are coming from for you most successful pages can really […]


SOLVED: VIDEO: How to Replace The Bulb in a BenQ Projector

If you have a projector, the bulb is eventually going to die and you are going to have to replace that bulb.  Projector bulbs do three things, turn on, turn off and fail.  It is inevitable. In this short video we show how to disassemble the top of a BenQ MW824ST projector to access the […]