computer has a tpm 2 device manager for windows 11

SOLVED: 5 Ways To Determine Your TPM

If you are interested in Windows 11, you will be interested in your Trusted Platform Module (aka TPM). What is a TPM? A TPM is just a physical chip on your computers motherboard that contains a number which is  used by Windows and other software to encrypt (scramble) data and […]

Windows Sandbox Dynamically Generated Image

SOLVED: VIDEO: Windows Sandbox Complete Explanation, Configuration & Demonstration

We explain what the Windows Sandbox is, how to install it, how to enable CPU virtualization in the BIOS, configuration, scripting and more: The scripted Windows Sandbox configuration file sample: <Configuration> <VGpu>Disable</VGpu> <Networking>Disable</Networking> <MappedFolders> <MappedFolder> <HostFolder>C:\OddBallStuff</HostFolder> <ReadOnly>true</ReadOnly> </MappedFolder> </MappedFolders> <LogonCommand> <Command>explorer.exe</Command> </LogonCommand> </Configuration> For more details on the scripting read […]

Dell D3100 D1000 D6000 DA100 Docks

SOLVED: Cannot PXE Boot From Dell Dock

After much effort, Jesse from Dell tech support has confirmed the that the Dell D3100, D1000, D6000, and DA100 docks are NOT supported for PXE booting. I have PXE booted from a Dell WD15 (shown below) with a Type-C connector on a Dell Latitude 7400 2 in 1 so I know […]