SOLVED: How to Access BIOS UEFI on Microsoft SurfaceBook or Surface4

How can I get into the BIOS (now UEFI) on a Microsoft SurfaceBook or Surface 4 device is a question every owner or and every tech should know the answer too.  Fortunately it is quite easy: Power off the Surfacebook Press AND HOLD the VOLUME UP button Press the POWER BUTTON as you would normally Within about 10 seconds, the SurfaceBook should display the UEFI / BIOS screen.  

Microsoft Surfacebook Quick Review with Pictures

I received my first Microsoft Surfacebook shipment today and found a number of interesting items: It was faster than I expected, I expected it to be fast.  I sourced the Intel I5 with 240GB SSD version. The stylus / pen has pressure sensitive output in most software.  In apps like FreshPaint this is useful. The backlit keyboard is makes it very hard to see the letters during the day.  It is better to have the back lights turned off. …