SOLVED: How to Extract the Audio from a Video… For Free

A friend recently needed to send the audio of his child singing a song to an audition service but all he had was a 200MB video; what to do?  In this case, we pushed the 200MB up to my YouTube site and also stripped the audio to a stand alone 3MB .MP3 file, which he was able to email. If you need to extract audio from a video file you can do it with the…

SOLVED: How to Watch .WTV Formated Files on Windows 7 Basic or Starter

The answer; convert the files.  Microsoft Windows Television (WTV) format is not supported on Windows Starter or Basic and very few video converters support .WTV format. However, you can go to any of the following to: . and download this free tool and convert your .WTV formated files to .MP4 .