SOLVED: VIDEO: Easy Fix For Dirty Prints on Samsung Printers By Cleaning or Replacing the Transfer Belt

If you have ‘dirty prints’, (i.e extra carbon on the paper), you likely have a dirty Transfer Belt. This video shows how to easily disassemble a Samsung C460 printer and clean the belt. This is the same process for all modern Samsung Printers and LP-360, CLP-365, CLX-3300, CLX-3305, SL-C410W, SL-C430, SL-C460, SL-C480, Xpress C460, Xpress SL-C460 as they use the same transfer belt.

SOLVED: How to Delete a Stuck Printer

If you just cannot remove a printer by: right clicking on a printer and find that you see nothing but hour glass you get to REMOVE DEVICE but it will not actually delete you have tried removing in PRINTER MANAGEMENT (yes, this is built into every version of Windows Vista, 7 and 8) you definitely will be able to delete all your printers, queues and drivers by: Reboot into SAFEMODE Save your ‘print processors’ by…