SOLVED: How To Query a Surface 4 (or 3) Serial Number From PowerShell WMI

If you have a Microsoft Surface 3 or 4 (and likely 2 or any other computer with the Serial Number stored in the UEFI BIOS), you can determine the BIOS Version and Serial Number through a simple command line: Launch a POWERSHELL as an Administrator Enter the following two commands in order: $query = “Select * from Win32_Bios” Get-WmiObject -Query $query Have a nice day  

SOLVED: How to Access BIOS UEFI on Microsoft SurfaceBook or Surface4

How can I get into the BIOS (now UEFI) on a Microsoft SurfaceBook or Surface 4 device is a question every owner or and every tech should know the answer too.  Fortunately it is quite easy: Power off the Surfacebook Press AND HOLD the VOLUME UP button Press the POWER BUTTON as you would normally Within about 10 seconds, the SurfaceBook should display the UEFI / BIOS screen.