SOLVED: How to Watch .WTV Formated Files on Windows 7 Basic or Starter

The answer; convert the files.  Microsoft Windows Television (WTV) format is not supported on Windows Starter or Basic and very few video converters support .WTV format. However, you can go to any of the following to: . and download this free tool and convert your .WTV formated files to .MP4 .

Scan Convert A 200 Page Book in 20 Minutes

This looks amazing and was announced and demontrated at CES 2011. “BOOK SAVER from ION is the fastest and most convenient system to transfer your novels, textbooks and periodicals to the digital realm. With BOOK SAVER you can load all of your favorite books and printed materials onto a laptop, tablet computer or e-reader, making them convenient, accessible and extremely portable. BOOK SAVER gives you the ability to save your scans to an SD card…