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Microsoft Exchange Server  // Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 how to and demos

SOLVED: How To Apply One Certificate To Two Exchange Servers

If you have a UCC certificate with multiple server names in the SUBJECT ALTERNATIVE NAMES and you want to apply that certificate to more than one server, you cannot do it through the Exchange Management Console GUI.  If you try to IMPORT the certificate that was created from a Certificate Request made on a different […]


SOLVED: How Much Space Your Email Taking in Office365?

If you have an Office365 account, you likely know that you have 50GB worth of storage space.  However, it is not obvious how much of that 50GB limit you are currently using.  Questions like: ‘How large is all of my email’, ‘How much space do I have left in my Office365 email?’ and ‘What is […]


SOLVED: How to Find The Owner Of an Email Alias in Exchange

If you have ever been asked who has a particular email alias on an Exchange server, you know you in for trouble because the answer is not readily apparent in the Exchange Management Console. The easiest way I know to find alias names in Exchange is to use the PowerShell Script below to export all […]


SOLVED: How to Determine if a Distribution List Is Being Used in Exchange

If you are like most companies, when staff leave you delete their email accounts but you likely don’t give much thought to the Distribution Lists that they used.  After a few years you can have quite a few unused Distribution Lists which does not do anyone good so you should remove them.  However, your likely […]


SOLVED: How to Apply an ActiveSync Policy to a Specific OU Organizational Unit

If you are using Exchange Management Shell (PowerShell) and need to change the ActiveSync Policy for people in a specific OU using a wildcard (i.e. you want to effect the ActiveSync policy for all users in the ABCDEFG OU you can use a script like this: Get-Mailbox -ResultSize Unlimited | where {$_.OrganizationalUnit -like “ABCD*” }  […]


SOLVED: How to Apply an ActiveSync Policy To A Group

If you need to apply a particular ActiveSync policy to only a particular Distribution Group you can run (and modify) the following script. # Put members of the Dist Group into a dynamic array $allMembers = Get-DistributionGroupMember -Identity ‘<DISTRIBUTION GROUP NAME HERE>‘ # Loop through each person in the allMembers array foreach ($member in $allMembers) { # Set […]


SOLVED: How to Display the Detailed Properties of an Exchange Send Connector

To see the Detailed Properties of an Exchange Send Connector you can use a simple Exchange Management Shell command: Get-SendConnector | list     Share This With Your Friends Now:


SOLVED: Can Exchange Online Be Used As a High Availabilty Fail Over to Your On Premise Exchange Server

In a word, no.  I have spent several days trying to find a clear answer the to this question in white papers, blogs and even MS Partner Support. I think Microsoft will offer this service in the not so distant future because it just makes sense to.  Using the Office 365 Feedback link (below) I posted the following […]


SOLVED: How to View the Headers in an Email Using Outlook 2007 2010 or 2013

If you want to know who REALLY sent you an email and not what Outlook is reporting who sent you an email, you just need to check what Outlook actually received in its header.  The header contains all kinds of useful tech bits and is often modified by systems that touch and retransmit the message […]


SOLVED: Remove ActiveSyncDevice Fails with ‘Cannot Be Found’

This is an easy one if you pay attention to the details in the error: Summary: 1 item(s). 0 succeeded, 1 failed. Elapsed time: 00:00:00 Dan Tican\IEM/1026121420 CFNetwork/609 Darwin/13.0.0 Failed Error: The ActiveSyncDevice MY DOMAIN/Ian – Users/Dan/ExchangeActiveSyncDevices/iPhone§78D33F828A7549BF95E4FE cannot be found. Click here for help… Exchange Management Shell command attempted: Remove-ActiveSyncDevice -Identity MY DOMAIN/Ian – […]


SOLVED: Exchange 2010 Management Shell Error – The Term New-ExchangeCertifcate Is Not Recognized As The Name Of A cmdlet

This was a frustrating error that, if I had slowed down for 2 minutes, would have been easy for me to figure out what was wrong. The issue was that the Exchange Power Shell – Management Shell cmdlets was not in the location Exchange expected sooooo, I had to run the standard Windows Server Power Shell […]


SOLVED: Calendar sharing is not available with the following entries because of permission settings on your network

Well this was a minor annoyance I could have done without.  Fortunately the solution is very simple. If you are trying to SHARE a Calendar in Outlook and you receive the dreaded: Calendar sharing is not available with the following entries because of permission settings on your network           you have […]