If you have ever opened a Microsoft technical support case you will know that they seldom get back to you quickly. One case that we just opened is now at 28 hours, on a 4 hour SLA and even after pestering them twice, we haven’t heard a peep out of Microsoft. After a while you get sick of phoning in and want to just look online to see what the status of your Microsoft support ticket is. However, nearly every website, Including those run by Microsoft, provide inaccurate instruction by saying that the only way to check the status of your case is to try to open a new one or phone in.

Before you read any further, note that if your question relates to Microsoft Office 365, we have a full explanation, including screen shots, of how easily open and view your technical support tickets right on the Microsoft 365 admin pages.

How To Check the Status of a Microsoft Support Case

how to check the status of your microsoft technical support case ticket online

Corporate users can simply surf to Microsoft’s “Support Hub” website, sign in and:

  1. view the status of their open support request tickets
  2. view their old support request tickets
  3. open new support tickets

Microsoft Support Hub can be found here: https://support.serviceshub.microsoft.com

where can home users check the status of their microsoft technical support case tickets

Home users can check the status of their Microsoft Service Request here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/home/contact

Note that you have to sign in and click the REQUEST HISTORY menu link at the top of the page as shown in the screenshot.

Microsoft Technical Support Phone Numbers

Alternately you can call Microsoft and ask them for the status of your ticket. You can even complain about how they have not come close to meeting their service level agreement time frame.

To save you the time of clicking and scanning for your country, here are a few of the phone numbers for Microsoft Support as of January 2024:

CountryRegionMicrosoft Support Phone Number
Argentina5411 6076 0010 (Gran Buenos Aires)
AustraliaN/A13 20 58
BahamasN/A1 800 389 0489
BrazilN/A11 4706 0900 or 0800 761 7454
Canada877 568 2495
ChinaN/A400 820 3800
ColombiaN/A1 580 4451 or 1305 418 9143
FranceN/A(0)9 70 01 90 90
Germany49(0)180 6 67 22 55 (0.20€ per call)
Hong King8522388 9600
IndiaN/A000 8000 404 454
IrelandN/A1800 832 352 or 353 1450 2113
Israel972(0)9 76 25 40
Italy3902 38 59 14 44
Japan810120 54 2244
MexicoN/A52 55 47772929 or 01 800 123 3353
Netherlands31(0)20 500 1500
New ZealandN/A0800 800 004
South AfricaN/A0860 22 55 67
Spain34917 547 010
United Kingdom44(0)344 800 2400
United States1(800) 642 7676

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