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System Center  // System Center Configuration Manager with Endpoint Protection

SOLVED: What is VM Load Balancing in Server 2016 & How to Configure It Quickly

Windows Server 2016 introduces native Virtual Machine load balancing.  The idea being that Server 2016 Cluster Manager will now migrate VM’s to other Hosts in the cluster to level out the work load.  This is roughly the same as “Dynamic Optimization” in System Center Virtual Machine Manager but this is free. By default Microsoft does not want […]


SOLVED: How To Change PRODUCTS AND CLASSIFICATIONS for Windows Updates in SCCM 2016

If you have Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) you can easily change the PRODUCTS AND CLASSIFICATIONS by clicking OPTIONS > PRODUCTS AND CLASSIFICATIONS.  If you are using System Center to rollout Windows Updates, it is much more complex to change what products and categories SCCM is downloading from Microsoft and pushing to your PC’s. To […]


SOLVED: How To Enable BLOCK AT FIRST SITE in Windows Defender SCEP Using SCCM or GPO in Windows 10 1607

If you have deployed Windows 10 Anniversary 1607 and are using Windows Defender you should be very interested in the new BLOCK ON FIRST SIGHT feature.  When a user runs a program that Defender has never seen before, BLOCK ON FIRST SIGHT, sends a metadata about the file to a Microsoft cloud service.  That service uses heuristics and […]


02 Apr Posted by in System Center | Comments

SOLVED: How to Set Timing of ‘Machine Policy Retrieval & Evaluation Cycle’

If you have ever worked with System Center Configuration Manager to manage PC’s, you will know that changes do not take place quickly, and that can be frustrating.  To have your PC’s take instruction from SCCM immediately, you need to manually kick off the ‘cycle’: Install the SCCM agent Go to the PC in question […]


31 Mar Posted by in System Center | 1 comment

SOLVED: How to Deploy Software Using System Center Configuration Manager

Below is a the quick version of how to push software packages based on MSI’s, including any Transforms (.MST’s) using System Center Configuration Manager Before we get started I you should understand that the difference between an APPLICATION and a PACKAGE in SCCM is Packages are 2007 logic that you should stop using.  If you want […]


31 Mar Posted by in System Center | 2 comments

SOLVED: What is the difference between an APPLICATION and a PACKAGE in SCCM?

In System Center 2007 and older deploying software was handled through PACKAGES and as such a category named PACKAGES in SCCM > SOFTWARE LIBRARY > OVERVIEW still exists for backwards compatibility.  System Center now uses APPLICATIONS to deploy software and that is what you should move to (or start with, if you are new to […]


12 Mar Posted by in System Center | Comments

SOLVED: How to Manually Disable System Center Endpoint Protection

From time to time, to accommodate an install or perform troubleshooting, we all need to temporarily shut down the Antivirus we are running. Disabling System Center Endpoint Protection however is not a nice affair.  You can either allow ALL users to turn it off or NO users to turn it off.  This means that in any […]


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Solved: How To Perform An Offline Install of System Center Endpoint Protection

In anything but the simplest networks, there will always be a few machines that need Antivirus but do not connect to the domain.  These could be lab machines, dedicated PC’s that run manufacturing equipment, field machines, loaners… So the question of how to install System Center Endpoint Protection on these disconnected machines is a valid […]