SOLVED: How To Add Windows Build and Sub-build Numbers To System Center Configuration Manager Report

If you need to track which specific version of Windows 10 you desktops are running, SystemCenter would seem to be a great place to start looking.  However, the default reports in SCCM do not provide the level of detail most IT administrators require.

This granular detail was not available in older versions of SCCM but it is now.   Fortunately, this adding in the Windows build information is now quite easy:

  1. SCCM - How To Duplicate and Existing QueryLaunch System Center Configuration Manager
  2. Click MONITORING – at the bottom left
  4. Right click on QUERIES and select CREATE QUERY
    NOTE: these steps are optional because you could just change the properties of an existing query, but we like to leave the factory queries in tact for future use

    1. Type something in the NAME field
    2. Select IMPORT QUERY STATEMENT (not required step but it is faster for you to start with an existing query than to add all of the columns one by one)
    3. Select ALL SYSTEMS from the list of existing queries
    4. wait… and keep waiting for SCCM to clone the existing query.  It is not fast
  5. Right click on the Query and select PROPERTIES
  6. Select the EDIT QUERY STATEMENT button
  7. Click the sun/star icon to add a new property
  8. Click the SELECT button
  9. In the Attribute drop down, select Build or BuildExt
  10. Click Ok a number of times to save and close the query
  11. Right click on the query and select RUN

Once the report is done (fairly fast), you can use CNTL+A to select all of the results, then CNTL+C to copy the results and then paste them into Excel and manipulate them as you see fit



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    Ben November 22, 2019 at 9:00 am

    Thanks for the quick tut.

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