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Windows Server  // windows 2003, 2008, R2 how tos

16 Feb Posted by in Windows Server | Comments

SOLVED: Dell EqualLogic Host Connection Management Service Will Not Start: Error 2The system cannot find the file specified

If you have installed the Dell HIT Kit for EqualLogic product but cannot get the EqualLogic Host Connection Management Service to start, you likely need to install the Windows Server MPIO feature.  You may also see EHCM Service Is Not Running in the Dell EqualLogic MPIO tab of the iSCSI Initiator. The solution is to: Launch […]


SOLVED: Windows Feature Installation The Referenced Assembly Could Not Be Found. Error: 0x80073701

If you receive, The Referenced Assembly Could Not Be Found. Error: 0x80073701 while trying to install a Windows Feature, the problem is likely region / language related.  I have seen this error while installing serious features like Multipath IO and small features like Telnet. The solution for most is to reinstall the operating system.  You […]


15 Feb Posted by in Windows Server | Comments

SOLVED: Complete List Major Windows Server Releases & Specifications

Below is a list of Windows Server names, code names, release dates and minimum specifications: Windows Server Public Name Codename Release Date Kernal Version Min CPU Max Cores Min RAM Min Disk Windows for Workgroups 3.1 Snowball Nov 1993 3.11 25 MHz 1 3 MB 10.5 MB Windows NT 3.1 Advanced Server Razzle NT OS2 […]


12 Feb Posted by in Windows Server | Comments

SOLVED: Upgrade OEM Windows Server 2016 1609 Data Center To 1709

If you have purchased an OEM (from the hardware vendor, like Dell, HP, Lenovo…) copy of Windows Server 2016 it will be version 1609 build 10.0.14393.  You likely know that the most recent version of Windows Server 2016 is version 1709 (i.e. September 2017) and want to upgrade prior to putting your servers into production. […]


SOLVED: Download Dell HIT Kit For Server 2016

If you have a Dell EqualLogic disk storage array and you want to connect it to Server 2016, you will want the Host Integration Tools (HIT Kit).  The problem is there HIT Kit version 4.x only supports Server 2012R2 and older.  Fortunately, Dell has just made HIT Kit version 5 which you can download directly […]


SOLVED: What is VM Load Balancing in Server 2016 & How to Configure It Quickly

Windows Server 2016 introduces native Virtual Machine load balancing.  The idea being that Server 2016 Cluster Manager will now migrate VM’s to other Hosts in the cluster to level out the work load.  This is roughly the same as “Dynamic Optimization” in System Center Virtual Machine Manager but this is free. By default Microsoft does not want […]


SOLVED: Where Should The Windows Page File Go?

The page file (aka. swap file) is the place Windows stores active data that it cannot fit into RAM.  In days of yore, the simple rule was to put the page file on a disk separate from the operating system and to make that file 1.5 times the size of the memory you have in the […]


06 Feb Posted by in Windows Server | Comments

SOLVED: What is Thunderbolt Networking in Server 2016?

Server 2016 supports Thunderbolt Networking which, put simply, is networking devices using simple and common USB Thunderbolt hardware. This is of particular use in Clustering because it is desirable to keep your disk storage used in the cluster on a separate network.  In the past that meant you needed to add a second NIC (usually […]


SOLVED: What is ACTIVE MEMORY DUMP in Server 2016 & Win10

Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10 have a new debugging feature named ACTIVE MEMORY DUMP which tracks only important memory information and ignores the rest. Most notably, if your computer is a HyperV host, it’s memory will contain the memory of your Virtual Machines, which is of little to no use in diagnosing the host server’s problems.  Using […]


02 Feb Posted by in Windows Server | Comments

SOLVED: How to Download, Install & Configure Dell OpenManage Enterprise

Dell OpenManage Enterprise: OM Enterprise is the replacement for OpenManage Essentials.  The underlying difference is that OM Enterprise does not use SQL (and OMEss does).  More importantly OMEnt can be downloaded as a VHD which gets rid of all the installation issues. You can download Dell OpenManage Enterprise VHD HERE.  Note that you may have to […]


02 Feb Posted by in Windows Server | Comments

SOLVED: What is the Difference Between Dell OpenManage Server Manger and OpenManage Essentials

If you have a Dell server you likely want the Dell Management tools but it can be confusing to figure out which product you need.  Below is a quick summary of Dell OpenManage products: Dell OpenManage Server Manager: OMSA is the core free product that needs to be installed on each server.  OMSA provides an […]


01 Feb Posted by in Windows Server | Comments


If you are trying to install Dell OpenManage Server Administrator (OMSA) and you might see this alert / error: The installer has detected that the HTTPS listener is not configured for Windows Remote Management. You can either configure the HTTPS listener before installing Remote Enablement, or install Remote Enablement now by selecting the “Custom” installation […]