In this short video we explain and demonstrate how to whitelist email domains or specific senders or email that contains some specific text in Microsoft 365 Exchange Online:

The commands used in this Microsoft365 / Office365 safe senders video are:

  • A message header > includes any of these words > Header name: Authentication-Results > Header value: dmarc=pass or dmarc=bestguesspass
  • Modify the message properties > set a message header: Set the message header X-ETR to the value Bypassed spam filters because Ian Made a Rule Jan 2022

Intro 0:00
4 Ways To Whitelist Sender 0:37
Malware & High Confidence Spam is Quarantined 1:00
How to Whitelist Domains Using Mail Flow Rule Transport Rule 1:33
Spam Confidence Levels Explained 5:28
Transport Rule Priorities 6:57
How to Whitelist Specific Senders Using Mail Flow Rule Transport Rule 9:00
How to Whitelist Email Containing Specific Words Using Mail Flow Rule Transport Rule 10:54
Email End Users With a Quarantine List 13:25
Outro 13:50


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Deb · April 17, 2024 at 12:54 pm

Good write-up. That certainly cleared up the isssue for me.

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