Does Social Media Advertising Payback in 2015 or 2016?

I have argued for many years that Social Media is an important communication channel that businesses and politicians should NOT get too excited about.  Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest… authors are nearly always connected to others on these sites in one of two ways: Most often, people are connected to those they know and genuinely like which often means they share the same opinions and as such you are wasting your time ‘preaching to the converted’ Infrequently, people are…

VIDEO: Social Media Is Killing Us

These videos, in reverse order, are my favourites at explaining why Social Media is killing us.  Two of them have one notable awards. “We are sacrificing CONVERSATION for CONNECTION…” to people we don’t really know or care about. Watch these and the get up and GO DO SOMETHING INTERESTING BUT DON’T POST IT ON FACEBOOK!!!