SOLVED: How to Watch .WTV Formated Files on Windows 7 Basic or Starter

The answer; convert the files.  Microsoft Windows Television (WTV) format is not supported on Windows Starter or Basic and very few video converters support .WTV format. However, you can go to any of the following to: . and download this free tool and convert your .WTV formated files to .MP4 .

Windows 7 Versions / Editions Compared

Win 7 comes in many different flavours but in North America there are only 5. Quick Notes: If you are using Windows 7 Starter, about the only things you will find annoying is the inability to change wallpapers and that lack of Aero (the glass like window frames in 7) Ultimate and Enterprise are the same product however Windows 7 Enterprise is a corporate license only SKU which allows the user to access some additional software…