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What are the Top Ten Ways Hackers Get Your Passwords

There are dozens of common ways for hackers to uncover your passwords.  Below are the top ten ways this occurs in 2016: phishing –  spam messages (emails, texts…) asking you and millions of others for passwords usually by asking you to reset or verify your credentials spear phishing – sending YOU targeted messaging that relates […]


SOLVED: The 10 Best Ways to Make a Secure Password

Today there is news that Microsoft will flat out block the use any of the most common passwords (like 123456, password and baseball).  So how can you create a password that does not drive you nuts.  When it comes to digital security but clearly a password must be complex enough that it does not lend […]


VIDEO: Please Help The People of Fort McMurray Alberta Canada – City on Fire

In the unlikely event you have not heard about the devastating wild fire in Fort McMurray Alberta Canada, please take 3 minutes to watch this summary of the events of  May 3 to 6, 2016. The town has been devastated in what is Canada’s largest and most expensive disaster.  This happened so quickly most of […]


SOLVED: SCCM Cannot Deploy Client – Some of the selected resources are not assigned to any site

If you are trying to deploy the SCCM agent I found one PC that that just would not install the SCCM Agent but instead would error out with: ERROR: Some of the selected resources are not assigned to any site when the PC plainly was assigned to a site.  In case you care, I was using both SCCM […]


SOLVED: How to Disable Clutter Feature in Outlook / Office 365 / Powershell

“Clutter” is a feature enabled in all Office365 hosted email addresses as of summer 2015.  Clutter uses Microsoft’s machine learning named Delve to figure out what is not important to you and moves those messages into a Clutter folder.  If you want to disable Clutter, you have three choices: How To Disable Clutter in Outlook Unfortunately […]


SOLVED: Failover Cluster Manager Shows, Unable to Determine Monitored Services

If you see Unable to Determine Monitored Services I have found three reasons this may occur: The guest VM operating system does not support Monitored Services.  I found this occurred with Linux VM’s. The guest VM is on an different network segment.  I don’t understand why the host would care what guest network is, but […]


SOLVED: How to Get Windows Server 2012 and 2016 Into Safe Mode F8

If you have worked on Windows 8 or newer, you will know that Microsoft has removed the F8 boot functionality.  They did this to decrease boot times.  What is odd is that they applied this logic to servers; I would not have.  Regardless the F8 Safe Mode functionality is not truly removed, it is just […]


SOLVED: What Does Private Cloud Mean

I was taking a quarterly survey from our friends at the research company IDC and found that they had developed a very clean set of definitions for what they named Deployment Models, so I stole them and put them below.  In particular many IT staff and managers are confused by the term Private Cloud.  IDC […]


The Best Cell Phone Ever?

“Best” is a relative word so let me be clear that I think the Lumia 650 will be the best cell phone buy of 2016.  In January Microsoft announced Lumia 650 which has amazing spec’s… for the price.   At just $200 this cell has everything a standard user would want, except wireless charging.  Having a native […]


Microsoft Releases New Insider Ring For Windows 10

The 3 Windows Insider rings are: Fast – Best for Insiders who enjoy being the first to get access to builds and feature updates, with some risk to their devices in order to identify issues, and provide suggestions and ideas to make Windows software and devices great. Slow – Best for Insiders who enjoy getting […]


SOLVED: How to Press CTRL ALT DEL on a Surface 4 or Surface Book Without a Keyboard

The question I was originally asked was, “How do I bring up the soft / on-screen keyboard when a Surface Book is locked, so that I can press CNTL ALT DEL?”.  This took me some time to figure out… but I got it and it is easy. If you want to press CTRL ALT DEL […]


VIDEO: See The Results of a Lithium Ion Battery Explosion

Lithium Ion battery’s have long had problems with explosions due to over-charging or physical defect.  I have seen many LION batteries swell and get very hot but until today, I have never seen one explode.  This is a video of the aftermath of such an explosion in my home office: Share This With Your Friends […]