11 Reasons NOT to Buy and Apple iPad

  1. The Name: I guess the machine only works 3 out of 4 weeks!
  2. No USB: Absoultely inexcusable that Apple is still trying to screw their customers with proprietary peripherals. If I could drop a USB keyboard into it, it might be useful.
  3. No Flash: Other than through the use of a special YouTube player you will not be able to watch Flash videos (i.e. most of the videos on the web)
  4. 4:3 Aspect Ratio: Love it or hate it… it’s at 16:9 world. If I could connect a USB DVD Drive to it (which you can’t!), movies would look like crap on it.
  5. No MultiTasking: Want to listen to some music while you surf the web… ya… you can’t
  6. That stupid “One Button Mouse”: The least they could have done is put another one on the side of the screen so when I have it turned sideway, I can access it.
  7. No Camera: WTF… thanks for not kicking in the $.38 cent option.
  8. Developer Gag Order: Thats right… the dreaded and hated Apple Non-Disclosure agreement is back.
  9. Too Expensive: I can buy a great netbook with MUCH more power and versatility for MUCH less money.
  10. Proprietary: Yet again, nothing will work with this thing. Buy Apple… all Apple peripherals and pay until your have nothing left and you might get a product that is functional.
  11. Its just a big iPhone: The bloom has come off of that rose. iPhones no longer carry the cache they used to. This looks like over priced, wrong sized, iPhone.

Like the Apple Newton (which was a cool little PDA), the iPAD is interesting but Apple will screw it up with the cult of conformity and limited performance.

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