Onward to Windows 8, Windows 4.0/95 Turns 15 Today

August 24th, 2010, 15:32 GMT| By Marius Oiaga

…15 years after an immensely successful platform was launched, the Redmond company now owns the fastest selling operating system in history.

Windows 7 licenses are being sold at a rate of more than 7 copies per second, with 175 million copies of the OS pushed to customers worldwide since the October 22nd, 2009 launch.

“Being here at Microsoft for the Windows 95 launch back in 1995 was an amazing time, and it is strange to look back on those heady days of Chicago etc… great to hear anyone’s experiences or reminiscent thoughts on Windows 95,” noted Microsoft’s Rob Margel.

Margel was also the one that shared the video embedded at the bottom of the screen. Some users might still remember the fact that Windows 95 was launched to the tune of Start Me Up from the Rolling Stones.

Windows 95 set the foundation for the evolution of the graphical user interface in Windows up to this day.

GUI elements such as the Start button, the Start menu, the Taskbar and Windows Explorer were introduced in Windows 95, and continually evolved in every edition of Windows, including in Windows 7.

Most probably the Windows UI elements dating back to Windows 95 will also survive into Windows 8, the successor of Windows 7.

Microsoft is currently building Windows 8, but details on the development process are kept under a tight lid in Redmond.

According to various third-party sources, the Redmond company plans to release a Beta of Windows 8 in mid-2011, with the RTM of the operating system set for 2012. Microsoft has yet to confirm a timetable for Windows 8 or any details related to the platform, for that matter.



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