I Don’t Like Mac OS X Lion

“…As announced late yesterday during Apple’s fiscal 2011 third quarter earnings call. OS X 10.7 released today. It’s yours for 30 bucks, if your Mac has Snow Leopard and Mac App Store installed. Otherwise, you’re buying something more first, either OS X 10.6 or a new Mac…

…Apple imposes fundamental usability changes with regards to the user interface that you’ll either like or despise. I started out writing a simple news story about Lion’s release but lost so much time writing — thanks to all these changes — that my post is late and its content changed. This is the first OS X upgrade ever for which my first impressions are negative rather than glowingly positive.

New mail may shock you, likely. Frequent users of Apple Mail via MobileMe will find the interface mostly familiar. Others will be surprised at how different is the user interface. Don’t worry, you can return to the old familiar motif — and some people might want to. It’s a matter of whether you’re a “sink or swim” personality or someone who goes a toe at a time.

Other changes are subtle at first. Lion has a new auto-save feature that looks handy, but will require some people (me among them) to adapt behavior. For apps supporting Lion’s new auto-save feature there no longer is a “save as” option. Apple has replaced it with “save a version”, while some applications, like Pages, offer “save” but no longer “save as”. However the “duplicate” option has been moved to the File menu where it can replace “save as”….”

By Joe Wilcox | Published July 20, 2011,  1:50 PM

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