Five months ago, HP announced that it would be shipping WebOS (from Palm, which HP bought in 2010) on ALL of its computers, tablets and phones.  Yesterday HP termination of their only Tablet, the TouchPad, just 6 short weeks after its North American debut and just 4 DAYS after its Australian debut.  HP also announced the end of WebOS on cell phones.

These leaves WebOS, no-where.  This is disappointing.

A few years ago they split the medical segement of HP into a separate company and yesterday they announced that they are considering selling or splitting off the PC division.

“..HP’s Desktop and Notebook revenue dropped 4% since last  year’s 3rd Quarter report, and while the PSG division remain profitable,  falling revenue and shrinking margins coupled with the failure of their own  attempt at breaking into the tablet arms race has likely soured the company on sinking  any more resources into a division whose end is likely nigh…”

HP without PC’s, that just doesn’t sound right.  It sounds like IBM and Lenovo… not good.

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