The following the my approved process for patching VM’s:

  1. Wait at least one week after “Patch Tuesday”; this gives Microsoft time to have others beta test the patches and for Microsoft to pull / adjust problem patches
  2. Shut Down (VM equivalent of Power Off) any running Virtual Machines
  3. Copy the VHD’s to an external disk (or some other disk you trust)
  4. Power Up your VM’s and patch them
  5. Reboot the VM’s as required
  6. Shut Down the VM’s
  7. Patch the Host
  8. Reboot the Host as required
  9. Start Up the VM’s

Many other qualified tech’s also:

  1. Set the VM’s to start automatically when the Host starts
  2. Set the VM’s to have a delayed start so they do not cause resource contention on boot.

 There are many good discussion threads on this topic including THIS one.

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dfjhdjh · February 18, 2015 at 1:36 am

It can be very funny if you have 100-150 VM…

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