“…My reaction mirrored many others this week. Apple’s big iPhone holiday quarter seemed simply unbelievable — 37 million, up 128 percent year over year. But Samsung was close. Real close: 36.5 million smartphones, according to Strategy Analytics. Together, the two companies accounted for 47 percent of fourth-quarter smartphone shipments.

The horse race between the companies sours Apple apologist arguments about iPhone vs Android. Staunch iPhone defenders blow off Android competition as one against many. But on the one-to-one comparison, Apple isn’t so high and mighty. Samsung is keeping pace just fine. Apple was market leader for the quarter — 23.9 percent share to the South Korean company’s 23.5 percent. But Samsung took the year — 19.9 percent share to its American rival’s 19 percent…”

By Joe Wilcox – Read the Full Story: http://betanews.com/2012/01/27/suddenly-37m-iphones-isnt-so-many/


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