Microsoft Outlook 2013 (15) Kills the Social Connector

“…(the Social Connector) that let you integrate your Hotmail and social networking accounts, such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Instead, you’ll be able to add these accounts using the default configuration of the new Outlook.

This makes a lot of sense, not only because it simplifies things, but it also brings Outlook 15 in line with Microsoft’s goals for Windows 8. The next version of Microsoft’s operating system aims to turn your PC into an even more integrated hub of your desktop and online computing life. Additions such as the Photos and People tiles in Windows 8’s Metro-style Start screen, for example, integrate information from your online Facebook, Flickr, and SkyDrive accounts.

…If you send an e-mail in Outlook, for example, “Peeks”  (a new feature) will include a People pane at the bottom of the window filled with information about the contact, including social networking information. That feature was available in previous versions of Outlook using the social connector add-on…”

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