“…The highest resolutions currently on offer from even the most expensive smartphones sit around the 12 megapixel mark so for Nokia to leapfrog this by such a margin was totally unexpected. Even non-professional digital cameras max at around 16 megapixels, although their sensors are considerably larger.

The sensor inside the 808 PureView is capable of using its native 41 megapixel sensor to turn out images of 38 megapixels in size at a 4:3 image ratio, or 34 megapixels at 16:9. This sort of data will seriously challenge not only the memory capacity of most data cards but buffering and write performance as well.

Consequently, users can opt to over-sample seven pixels into one to create lower-resolution images at three, five and eight megapixels which the company claimed would combine with Carl-Zeiss optics to produce pictures rich in detail and low in noise.

There was no word on when the handset will be available in North America….”

Read the whole story: http://www.itworldcanada.com/news/nokia-surprises-with-41-megapixel-smart-phone/144963?sub=393676&utm_source=393676&utm_medium=top5&utm_campaign=TD


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