Luidia’s eBeam technology is high quality, low cost (about $1000) product which turns any wall or LCD screen into a Digital Whiteboard.  This short instructional video explains how to use the eBeam on an LCD screen.  What the video does not show is the install process, which is:

  1. install the software from a download or the disk it ships with
  2. plug the receiver in any USB port
  3. put the battery in the ‘pen’ and start working

It can also be used on a wall (i.e. without a screen) if you buy the “Beam Complete” which adds special dry erase markers to the mix.

I think this product is far superior to any other white boarding technology I have seen, including what is out now, and coming soon from SMART Technologies of Calgary.  SMART Boards are clunky, old, often low resolution, very expensive products compared to the eBeam.  I would like to say that eBeam is an alternative to SMART, but I think eBeam blows Smart out of the water… this is just my opinion and for the record I really like SMART so I take no joy in knocking them.  Maybe this will wake them up.

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