Published reports are that Blackberry killed two of three OS10 phones they were working on, the Milan and the Colt.  I was interested in both of these and now Blackberry is apparently only working on London which I am sooo not interested in.

BlackBerry Colt: Basically a Blackberry Bold running the new OS10

BlackBerry Milan: A new slider keyboard phone killed because it was too close to the Torch

BlackBerry London: A new thin (as in left to right size) touch screen phone

The above are old reports from early in 2012 before they Ballsilly (intentionally spelled) stepped down and I hope that the new Chairman is taking the company in the right direction.  If BlackBerry releases phone without a keyboard first, they are dead to me.

Blackberry OS10 Colt Milan London

Blackberry OS10 Colt Milan London

Read these for more details:


Dylan · June 27, 2012 at 10:23 am

Pretty sure this is the most unreliable website for any legitimate information you want to find. When you post articles like this, its obvious that you are not adding any value to the industry and love to spread rumours that are not true. BGR has a hard-on for Apple products (and are paid to post specific stories to promote Apple and bash the competitors… look it up), so do some research before posting shit like this.

    Ian Matthews · June 27, 2012 at 9:49 pm

    Well, if you mean that a conference call directly with RIM in Waterloo to confirm all of this is not doing my research, then yes, I did not do my research. I could not mention this conference call because it was confidential but now that RIM has publicly stated what I posted, there is no need to adhere to my NDA. RIM is ONLY working on a single touch screen device right now. They will pick up the keyboard R&D again in the fall and produce devices in the Spring… that is if they make it that far.

    Soooo, the next time you want to go on a nasty rant, YOU might want to check YOUR facts.

    Also note that I am a Blackberry guy and RIM’s near complete lack of innovation for 3 years (while Balsilli tried to buy his rediculous hockey team) is killing me. I don’t own a single Apple product, never have (other than for testing) and I certainly am not going to in the near future. In fact, I own, host and write … check it out; not exactly a bastion of pro-Apple mis-information.

    Oh ya… have a nice day.

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