This video shows a generic looking device with no brands (including, no Blackberry name or logo), which RIM apparently gave to the attendees of the 2012 Mobile World Congress (MWC) . 

From previous announcements I understand that a final Blackberry hardware design has not been settled on and I also understand that the developers who received these alpha test units were to be told that the BBOS10 operating system may change ‘substantially’ before the release date this fall. 

Soooo, they gave attendees expensive limited production hardware and software that will never go into real production and may not represent the final product at all.  Soooo, why would developers put any time into this?  I am perplexed!

RIM, you have to do better than this and you have to do it faster.  We need to see high quality polished product by August or September of this year.


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