I spent the last 30 minutes trying to locate the damn thing!  Very frustrating.  It is NOT on

  • connect.microsoft.com
  • microsoft.com/office
  • microsoft.com/office2013
  • microsoft.com/office15

From what  can tell so far there are only two options for the beta:

  1. www.office.com/preview which requires that you sign up for a free Office 365 account and gives you a copy of Office Home Premium 2013.   I already use Office 365 so this was no big deal, but I want a .ISO or some disk format so I can run it on various machines, which leads me to option 2,
  2. www.microsoft.com/technet (and I assume www.microsoft.com/msdn ), there, under SUBSCRIBER DOWNLOADS, is Offce Professional Plus 2013 Preview x86 and x64.  I chose the x86 version but we will see what others say about it; perhaps the 64bit is the way to go now.

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Vandinho · July 29, 2012 at 2:23 am

After the download inltlsas, be sure to run Windows Update, and enable the optional Microsoft Update feature.At least one click-to-run update for Office 2010 will show up.

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