SOLVED: Where is Office 2013 / 15 Preview – Public Beta

I spent the last 30 minutes trying to locate the damn thing!  Very frustrating.  It is NOT on


From what  can tell so far there are only two options for the beta:

  1. which requires that you sign up for a free Office 365 account and gives you a copy of Office Home Premium 2013.   I already use Office 365 so this was no big deal, but I want a .ISO or some disk format so I can run it on various machines, which leads me to option 2,
  2. (and I assume ), there, under SUBSCRIBER DOWNLOADS, is Offce Professional Plus 2013 Preview x86 and x64.  I chose the x86 version but we will see what others say about it; perhaps the 64bit is the way to go now.


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    Vandinho July 29, 2012 at 2:23 am

    After the download inltlsas, be sure to run Windows Update, and enable the optional Microsoft Update feature.At least one click-to-run update for Office 2010 will show up.

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