After much work and about an hour with Microsoft I determined that the nut of the problem was the automatic setup on the Galaxy S3… don’t use it, click MANUAL SETUP

But first… make sure your phone is patched to the current build as Samsung had a few issues prior to September 2012 with setting up Office 365 email when WiFi and your data connection on your cell network were functioning.  In your phone, go to SETTINGS, scroll the very bottom and click ABOUT DEVICE, then click SOFTWARE UPDATE, then click UPDATE.  Once your Samsung Galaxy phone is updated to the most current build, read on:

  1. office365-determine-email-server-for-android-cell-phoneDiscover your Office 365 server:
    1. There are several ways of doing this and but one way is to surf to your Office 365 webmail
    2. Click on OPTIONS (top right corner)
    3. Click SEE ALL OPTIONS
    5. Note the server name
  2. Start Android mail on your Samsung Galaxy S3 super awesome cell phone
  3. Click the MENU button (bottom left, beside the large HOME physical button)
  4. Android-samsung-galaxy-s3-office365-email-setup-new-accountClick SETTINGS
  5. Click the PLUS ( + ) at the top right of the screen
  6. Enter your full email address and password
  7. Click MANUAL SETUP – This was the big thing for me.  If I used the auto-setup it would fail then take me to the Manual Setup screen but it would not work after I had tried the auto-setup.
  8. In the DOMAIN\USERNAME field, type in your full email address (i.e.
    1. Do NOT type in\joe – this apparently does not work
  9. Enter the mail server you determined in step 1 above
  10. Have a nice day finishing the wizard and waiting 2 minutes for your mail to populate.

There are a few words of wisdom from Microsoft you might find useful:

    • On some versions of Android, you need to use the domain\username format. For example, if your e-mail address is, type\ Your username is your full e-mail address. 
    • If the External POP Settings > Server name value is in the format, your Exchange ActiveSync server name is In some cases, Android mobile devices may experience connection problems using as the server name. If you are having problems connecting, go to the Host name line on the About page. Use the value shown under Host name for the Exchange ActiveSync server name for your device.
    • If the External POP Settings > Server name value includes your organization’s name, for example,, then your server name is the same as your Outlook Web App server name, without the /owa. For example, if the address you use to access Outlook Web App is, your Exchange ActiveSync server name is

The Microsoft Cell Phone Setup Instruction Wizard is available: but, for me, it missed the most important item which was to click MANUAL SETUP and not even try the default automatic setup.





Casey · May 17, 2013 at 7:00 am

I have the Sprint S3 and I was shocked to find that auto setup worked for my hosted exchange mail. I’m not sure if it was a Samsung update that fixed it or a Microsoft one. I realize thgis post was almost 8 months ago, so who knows. I did just setup my DNS servers to implement hosted exchange for my organization a few days ago though.

One problem I am finding is that the default email app on my S3 does not seem to allow me to leave a copy on the server. So, if it d/ls on my phone that’s the only place it will d/l. I’m sure there is a setting somewhere but i haven’t been able to find it yet.

gold account · November 4, 2012 at 3:01 am

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