SOLVED: HIDDEN is Enabled but Greyed Out So You Cannot Change It After Using RoboCopy

This has been an annoyance for many versions of Windows starting somewhere around the Vista \ Server 2008 time frame.folder-hidden-greyed-out-after-robocopy


If you use Robocopy to copy folders they will be set to HIDDEN and the HIDDEN check box will be greyed out… can you say anoying.


The HIDDEN Check Box becomes greyed out when a folder is CUSTOMIZED (right click a folder > PROPERTIES > CUSTOMIZE) so the solution is to un-customize it

SOLUTION… ok, lets call it a work-around:

There is a two step solution to this issue:folder-hidden-greyed-out-after-robocopy-fix

  1. right click folder > PROPERTIES > CUSTOMIZE (tab) > RESTORE DEFAULT > OK (button)
  2. right click folder > PROPERTIES > uncheck READ ONLY and HIDDEN > OK (button)


For more detail you might find THIS support thread or THIS KBase article useful.

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