SOLVED: How to Combine Two or More Microphones Together Into One Stream

If you have Lync, Jabber, Skype or any other conferencing system in which you want to use more than one microphone, this tutorial is for you.

  1. Download Virtual Audio Cable from this page (most likely you want the 64 bit version)
  2. Install Virtual Audio Cable – do NOT touch the software after the install
  3. Go to your Windows RECORDING DEVICES – do NOT touch your PLAYBACK DEVICES
  4. Double click on each Microphone you want to use, click the SOUNDS TAB, click LISTEN TO THIS DEVICE and set the drop down to LINE 1 VIRTUAL AUDIO CABLE
  5. In  RECORDING DEVICES, right click on LINE 1 VIRTUAL AUDIO CABLE and set it to DEFAULT

Now you are done, other than to make sure that the software in question (Skype, Lync…) is set to use either your Windows Default Recording Device OR Line 1 Virtual Audio Cable

Have a nice day!


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    Mike February 1, 2018 at 11:33 am

    Thanks for this! Needed to combine both virtual cable and my mic, didnt know that the “listen” function had a output choice. Anyways, works and thank you.

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