SOLVED: Basic Juniper Commands

If you have a Juniper JunOS device like an SRX firewall or a EX3300 switch there are a few commands you (… well, I…) need to know:

When on the console cable I typically use PuTTY to connect to the switch and then there are a few items I need to know:

  1. there is no password for the ROOT account from the factory
  2. after signing in as ROOT for the first time, type EZSETUP .  This will walk you through the core configuration like hostname and IP address.
  3. after EZSETUP is done, you may want to run some commands so at the ROOT@HOST-NAME:RE0%  prompt, type CLI for Command Line Interface
  4. at the ROOT@HOST-NAME> prompt, type CONFIG to get into the configuration mode
  5. if you are NOT using the management interface (i.e. the network port on the back) you may see an error indicating the port is down “Major  Management Ethernet Link Down” and you can clear this with SET CHASSIS ALARM MANAGEMENT-ETHERNET LINK DOWN IGNORE and then typing in COMMIT .

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