All I seem to hear about Apple these days are problems with the iPhone 6 and how the company has lost it’s mojo in general.  Tonight a friend of mine was saying how unhappy he is that his iPhone 6 plus camera is not flush to the housing.  Apple-camera-bump-iphone-6-plusThis causes is to catch on jeans and to rock back and forth when you put it down flat on a desk.  He finished with “… do you think Steve Jobs would let this kind of design flaw go… I don’t think so!”

I had already heard about #cameragate from others but my friend was more upset than most.   I was going to summarize other problems with the iPhone 6, but I found a brief article from the good folks at that summed up the problems nicely:

…Apple’s latest flagship smartphone has caused consumers quite a few headaches (literally, in some cases).

The handset, which doesn’t come cheap, is prone to bending and tearing out people’s hair, leading to the creation of the vastly amusing ‘#bendgate’ and ‘#hairgate’ scandals. Now, however, it’s all about ‘#dyegate’.

iPhone 6 owners are complaining that dye from their jeans is being transferred to the rather ugly plastic strips that adorn the back of the device, staining the expensive piece of kit.

A review conducted by BGR appears to confirm that this is indeed the case.

According to the publication, “Apple support staff instructed users to carefully scrub their iPhones with various common cleaning products. When those products failed to remove the dye from the iPhones, no further assistance was provided”.

Oh dear.

It’s another blow that the Cupertino-based firm could have done without. Tim Cook’s spell as the head of the company has seen its crown slip somewhat…


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