If you have ever used OneDrive or OneDrive for Business, you most likely have tried to move a folder in and been promoted with onedrive-sorry-that-didnt-work-folders-cant-be-dragged-to-upload“Folders and Invalid Files Can’t Be Dragged To Upload” which just makes no sense at all for a product that has been around this many years.  Regardless, that is the case.

Fortunately there is a VERY easy way around this insane limitation:

  1. Click the COG icon near the top right corner of the OneDrive windowonedrive-sorry-that-didnt-work-folders-cant-be-dragged-to-upload-open-with-explorer
  2. Click SHOW RIBBON
  3. Click the LIBRARY tab near the top left corner of the OneDrive  window
  4. Click OPEN WITH EXPLORER near the top middle of the OneDrive Window
  5. Wait 5 seconds for Windows Explorer (like My Computer) to open and then drag your files and folders in at will
  6. Have a nice day.



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