SOLVED: What is Windows Update For Business

Windows Update for Business is a new product from Microsoft that will be made available for free to corporate customers using Windows 10.  As of today’s date, the software has not been released and little is known beyond Microsoft’s brief explanations.  The key points are that WUFB will:

  • allow IT professionals to manage which of their client PC’s receive updates depending upon whether the machines are set to the Slow Ring or the Fast Ring
  • include both patches AND feature enhancementswhat-is-windows-10-windows-update-for-business-wufb
  • be controllable through Group Policy
  • tie into System Center Configuration Manager and Enterprise Mobility Suite
  • have a time frame set for each update to be installed.  After that time, the updates will be forcibly installed
  • perform peer to peer update sharing (like a bit torrent) to put less strain on the backend server

It is apparent that Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) will live on, at least in the short term.  I won’t be surprised if WSUS goes ‘End Of Life’ in the next few years.  For one thing, WUFB is not released yet and Windows 10 is, so WSUS is our boy for the immediate future.


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