“Clutter” is a feature enabled in all Office365 hosted email addresses as of summer 2015.  Clutter uses Microsoft’s machine learning named Delve to figure out what is not important to you and moves those messages into a Clutter folder.  If you want to disable Clutter, you have three choices:

How To Disable Clutter in Outlook

Unfortunately Outlook 2016 does not have a TOOLS > OPTIONS > MAIL > CLUTTER = DISABLE type feature but Clutter will NOT sort any email that is processed by a Rule.  So, if you want to disable clutter for a particular sender or subject line using Outlook, all you have to do is create a rule for it.  For example, you could find a message in Clutter, right click on it and select RULES > CREATE RULE and then create some innocuous rule that does very little.

how-to-disable-clutter-office365How To Disable Clutter in Office 365 how-to-disable-clutter-office365

If you want to disable clutter all together, you can simple sign into mail.office365.com, click the cog in the top right corner of the screen to get into OFFICE365 SETTINGS > OPTIONS > MAIL > CLUTTER > DON’T SEPARATE ITEMS INDETIFIED AS CLUTTER

Thanks to Ball State University for the screen shots

How To Disable Clutter using PowerShell:

# Disable Clutter processing for a mailbox
Set-Clutter -Identity MailboxId -Enable $False
# Check that it’s done
Get-Clutter -Identity MailboxID | Format-List

Clutter in On-Prem Exchange?

An interesting note is that Microsoft has said that Clutter will NOT be available in the on premise version of Exchange because Clutter requires a very large number of very rapidly processed samples and even large on-prem installations will not have the volume to be accurate.


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