SOLVED: What Does Private Cloud Mean

I was taking a quarterly survey from our friends at the research company IDC and found that they had developed a very clean set of definitions for what they named Deployment Models, so I stole them and put them below.  In particular many IT staff and managers are confused by the term Private Cloud.  IDC crystalized several different complex definitions into a simple definitions that are easy to understand:

Physical: No virtualization and on-premise usagewhat-is-private-cloud

Virtual: Use of hypervisor, like HyperV or VMWare

Private on-premise cloud: Use of hypervisor + self service portal + some degree of automation and/or chargeback

Private hosted cloud: Use of private cloud above, but in a hoster’s facility not your own

Public cloud: IaaS, SaaS, PaaS services provided by Web-based access

Outsourced: Ownership and/or operations of your on-premise server and other resources is taken over by an external thid-party, but the equipment is still at your facility

Managed services: Similar to outsourcing, but contracts are typically shorter and you retain ownership of your on-premise equipment (e.g., managed security services)

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