In the unlikely event you have not heard about the devastating wild fire in Fort McMurray Alberta Canada, please take 3 minutes to watch this summary of the events of  May 3 to 6, 2016.

The town has been devastated in what is Canada’s largest and most expensive disaster.  This happened so quickly most of these people never had a chance to take their belongings.  Below are the raw numbers… so far:chestermere-fort-mcmurray-wild-fires-fund-raiser

  • about 2000 buildings (mostly houses) have burned to the ground
  • 100,000 people have been evacuated
  • most, if not all, remaining buildings will have smoke damage
  • more than 10,000 people will likely not be able to return for months


Like many organizations and people, the City of Chestermere will be host to a fund raiser on Friday May 13th at the Chestermere Rec Center run by MLA Leela Sharon Aheer, Chestermere Lifepath Wellness Center, Chestermere Langdon Oilmen’s Association and Westcreek Autowash.

The Alberta Government is matching contributions to the Canadian Red Cross and so is the Canadian Federal Government.  This means if you donate $100, it will become $300.  Many other organizations are matching funds and then donating them to the Red Cross, which means you $100 donation could be doubled by (for instance) Safeway to $200, and the Province and the Feds will match making that donations turning it into $600. 

If you don’t like the Red Cross, there are MANY other places your donations can directly help people.   Please see: for a full list of vetted organizations.


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